Dr. James J. Thor

As a result of his unwavering commitment to his career, Dr. Thor has been elected to many positions. In 1989 Dr. Thor was elected by the membership of the Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association to the first ever legal Task force committee as the chairman of an oversight panel tasked with tacking and recording medical misgivings linked to the chiropractic profession in the state of Nebraska, as well as, the possible negative legislation aimed at damaging chiropractic care within the state.

In 1990 Dr. Thor was elected as secretary to the Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association and was instrumental as a member of that bodies peer review board and legal task force committee.
From 1991 to 1993, Dr. Thor was elected to the position of Vice-President, President elect, and President for the Nebraska Chiropractic physicians Association.

During the early 1990′s, Dr. Thor served the appointment of state delegate to the annual Health Care conference in Washington D.C. where discussion was taken regarding ongoing changes in health care, to include Medicare. In addition, Dr. Thor also served as an adviser to two U.S. Senators and three Governors. During the same period, Dr. Thor was asked to deliver an address in front of Hillary Clinton’s Committee on the issues of health care and the development of a national insurance.

In 1994 Dr. Thor was elected by the membership of the Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association for considerations as an appointee to Examiner of the state of Nebraska Department of Health to which then Governor Ben Nelson Confirmed the appointment. Dr Thor served five distinguishing years as examiner and helped developed legislation for the betterment of the Chiropractic profession and for the protection of the people of the State of Nebraska.

Because of his dedication to the practice of Chiropractic and to the chiropractors in the state of Nebraska, Dr. Thor has received the highest award from the state of Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association, CHIROPRACTOR OF THE YEAR, which was bestowed upon him in 1994. In the same period, Dr. Thor received the highly coveted WILK AWARD for his development and dedication to his profession and to the development of Secure Care.

During the period from 1991 to 1994, Dr. Thor headed the development of the first ever PPO for the chiropractic profession under the name of Secure Care Inc. This PPO has since become the largest PPO in the nation in several categories. The revenue generated by Secure Care is in the millions annually and serves the chiropractic profession and the insurance industry in ongoing development of professional standards as well as the development of advanced standards of care for the millions served or influenced by Secure Care within the industry or in the private sector.

Along with his unswerving dedication to his appointments and employment, Dr. Thor has brought to bear his considerable experience together with a passion for the sport of rodeo which has synthesized into his participation with Extreme Sports Medicine. Due to demand within the sport of rodeo for consistently high level of medical care, Dr. Thor and his team of health care providers from Extreme Sports Medicine Inc. has seen an enormous increase in the pro rodeo arena. Because of the premier status of the organization, Dr. Thor and his team have been asked to provide services to six of the seven world bull riding finals, including the Armed Forces World Finals, and the Japan World finals as well as the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, The PRCA. Because of his and his teams dedication to the sport of rodeo and especially to the area of bull riding, Dr. Thor received the “Pro Touring Bull Riders Association” DOCTOR OF THE YEAR for 1997 and 1998, a more recently doctor of the year in 2004 form Extreme Sports Medicine Team. Inc., a feat not matched by any other physician. Currently, the corporation of Extreme Sports Medicine is in development of a nationwide PPO and the future development of their own health insurance policies.

Currently, Dr. Thor is employed by Creekwood Chiropractic P.C. in Norfolk, Nebraska. Creekwood has one of the largest practices is the field of Chiropractic in the state with health care specialties ranging from precision Palmer College techniques and rehabilitation to dietary and health recovery programs to name only a few.

Dr. Thor serves as Clinic Director of Creekwood Chiropractic P.C. His duties include oversight of all facilities and health care providers and all aspects of physical medicine, including therapy.

Dr. Thor’s current affiliations are: Member of the American Chiropractic Association council of Diagnostic Imaging; The American Academy of Clinical Applied Spinal Biomechanical Engineering; National Board of Chiropractic Examiners; The American Chiropractic Association; The Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association; Secure Care; and the Extreme Sports Medicine Team.

Dr. Thor and his wife Tami, reside in Plainview, NE. His oldest, Kimberly, is a chiropractor. His son Clayton is an othropedic surgery resident in Detroit Michigan. His son Calvin joined the family practice August of 2013. His youngest is Harrison, 11 years of age, attends school in Plainview.